4 June 2012

Only for photographers and illustrators with large collections

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Photaki impr pant

If you are a photographer or an illustrator familiar with the area of ​​image banks or microstocks and seek new channels to market your work, Photaki will undoubtedly be the best option.Retro Photographer

Contact us and we will advise you on how to channel your sales through Photaki saving the most of your time.

As a prerequisite you must have a gallery of at least 1000 selected images (photographs or illustrations) prepared for publication so that we can help you automate the entire process of documentation and publication. This will not have to divert your efforts and you can concentrate on producing new images.

We also offer:

- Commissions from 50% to 80% from the sale of your images
- A professional portfolio exclusively for collaborators
- Detailed information on your sales in real time
- Ability to select your own price list
- Unlimited storage of photos
- Detailed statistics on visits and sales

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  1. [...] All you have to do is to insert the main data (title, description and keywords) into the EXIF/ITCP, in Photoshop. You will find more details in the following blog article. [...]

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